SUMMER FLOOD by Kathy Folkerts


What We Do
Winter Light

Well, it's been so long since the river rose up, since the waters overflowed,
And my fields have been dry and my days have been safe, and my heart has been growing old.
Now the river runs high and the river runs deep, the river runs strong and wild,
And it's coming for me and there's nowhere to flee, and I dance like a little child.

When the summer flood comes, don't let me be lost, don't let me be washed away,
Let me sow my seed when the river rolls back, and wait for the harvest day.

When the summer rains come they're warm and sweet and the thirst of the earth is deep.
And the summer rain rushes to quench the dust and wake growing things from sleep.
And it wont stop 'til theres more than enough, 'til the earth can drink no more,
And the force of the gift makes the river run wild and it climbs up to cover the shore.


Well, the flood is so strong that a human soul can be easily crushed and drowned,
If I want to live til the flood subsides, I'll stay on the highest ground.
On the new-watered land so rich and kind, I'll cast away my seed,
And the life in the ground will grow my food and the harvest will answer my need.


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